Artículo 10_ Cuida de ti_ Hábitos saludables que nos protegen del cáncer

Take Care of Yourself: Healthy Habits that Protect us from Cancer

Hello, dear friends! In this article, let’s explore together some healthy habits that make a difference in cancer prevention. Remember that every little change we make in our lives can have a significant impact on our health. Let’s join together and discover how to take care of ourselves!

Cancer prevention starts with small steps, but it makes a big difference in our lives. Adopting healthy habits strengthens us physically and emotionally. Here are some practices we can incorporate into our daily lives.

Balanced nutrition

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins is key to preventing cancer. Enjoy the variety of flavors and colors that food offers us and opt for healthy choices.

Maintain a healthy weight

Overweight and obesity increase the risk of developing different types of cancer. Let’s try to maintain an adequate weight through a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Regular physical activity

Exercise not only helps to maintain a healthy weight, but also reduces the risk of cancer. Let’s dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to physical activities that we enjoy, such as walking, dancing or swimming.

Avoid smoking

Tobacco use is strongly linked to many types of cancer. If you are a smoker, now is the perfect time to quit! Let’s seek support and resources to quit this habit that is detrimental to our health.

Limit alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing cancer. If you decide to drink, do it in moderation and be aware of your limits.

Protect yourself from the sun
The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage our skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. Use sunscreen, wear hats and protective clothing, and avoid excessive exposure to the sun, especially during peak hours.

Adopt healthy habits

Dear friends, cancer prevention is in our hands. Adopting healthy habits is a powerful way to protect and strengthen ourselves. Remember that every little change counts and together we can make a difference. So let’s take care of ourselves, move forward with determination and promote a healthy and hopeful life.


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