Recursos y apoyo comunitario para hispanos con anemia de células falciformes en Estados Unidos.

Resources And Community Support For Hispanics With Sickle Cell Disease In The United States.​

Greetings once again! In our continuing quest to provide valuable and encouraging information about sickle cell disease, today we will focus on one essential aspect: community resources and support. Finding a strong support network and having access to appropriate resources can make a huge difference in the lives of people living with this condition. Join us as we explore the resources and support available in the United States for people with sickle cell disease.

Nonprofit Organizations

In the United States, there are numerous nonprofit organizations dedicated to sickle cell disease. These organizations offer a wide range of services, including education, emotional support, access to medical resources, outreach programs and advocacy for people with the condition. Some of these organizations include the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America and the American Sickle Cell Anemia Association.

Hospitals and Specialized Medical Centers

Several hospitals and medical centers throughout the United States have programs that specialize in the management and treatment of sickle cell disease. These centers offer comprehensive services, including specialized medical care, genetic counseling, psychological support services, and patient and family education.

State and local programs

In many states and local communities, specific programs have been established to address the needs of people with sickle cell disease. These programs can provide access to health care services, financial assistance, educational programs and other support resources. Researching the programs available in your local area can provide a valuable source of help and support.

Community Support Groups

Local support groups offer a safe and supportive environment where people affected by sickle cell disease and their families can share experiences, get practical advice and provide mutual support. Participating in these groups can be an invaluable source of connection and empowerment.

Online Resources

In addition to community resources, there are numerous online sources of information about sickle cell disease. Reliable websites, such as those of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, MedlinePlus, and the organizations mentioned above, provide up-to-date information, educational materials, and links to additional resources.

We are not alone

Finding community resources and support is critical for those living with sickle cell disease in the United States. Nonprofit organizations, specialty hospitals, state and local programs, community support groups and online resources offer a wide range of services and assistance. By tapping into these resources, we can strengthen our ability to meet the challenges and improve our quality of life. Let us remember that we are not alone in this fight, and that together, as a community, we can provide the support needed to live fully with sickle cell disease.


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