Embarazo y anemia de células falciformes: Cuidados especiales y consideraciones para una maternidad saludable.

Pregnancy And Sickle Cell Disease: Special Care And Considerations For Healthy Motherhood.​

Greetings once again! In our continuing commitment to providing valuable and encouraging information about sickle cell disease, today we will focus on an important topic: pregnancy. We will explore the special care and considerations that women with sickle cell disease must take into account during this beautiful and exciting time in their lives. Join us as we discover how we can have a healthy and safe pregnancy with this condition.

Prenatal Care and Planning

If you have sickle cell disease and are considering becoming pregnant, it is critical to seek early prenatal care. Working closely with your sickle cell doctor and obstetrician will ensure proper monitoring and a personalized care plan.

Adequate supplementation

During pregnancy, additional supplements may be required to meet the specific nutritional needs of women with sickle cell disease. Your doctor may recommend folic acid, iron and vitamin B12 supplements to ensure proper fetal development and prevent complications.

Ongoing monitoring

Women with sickle cell disease should undergo regular monitoring during pregnancy to assess their health and the health of their baby. This includes laboratory tests, such as blood counts and ultrasound studies, to detect any early complications and take necessary action.

Adequate hydration and oxygenation

Staying well hydrated is essential during pregnancy, as dehydration can trigger a sickle cell crisis. In addition, it is important to ensure that you have access to good oxygenation, which may require an additional oxygen supply in some cases.

Pain and crisis management

During pregnancy, you may experience sickle cell crises or related pain. It is important to communicate with your medical team to manage pain appropriately and safely during this time. Safe medications can be prescribed and non-pharmacological pain management techniques can be used.

Enjoy your pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting and rewarding time for women with sickle cell disease. With proper planning, specialized prenatal care and consistent follow-up with your medical team, you can have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Remember that each woman is unique and may require additional care depending on her situation. Don’t hesitate to seek support and guidance from healthcare professionals with expertise in sickle cell disease to ensure a positive and successful childbearing experience.


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